Office of the Executive Director




Comm (Rtd) Trephine P. Kamati

Executive Director

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Deputy Executive Director

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Directorate: Policy, Heritage and Social Affairs (DoPHSA)

Functions of the Directorate

The National Liberation Struggle was long and bitter and as a result many of the veterans who gave their precious youthful years to the struggle did not have the opportunity to study to enable them to secure a meaningful job in post-colonial Namibia. Hence, despite the heroic deeds and the rich heritage they have left for the country, the majority of veterans are amongst citizens who are on the periphery of the country’s mainstream economy.

To ensure an upward mobility in terms of economic integration and to ensure that the rich heritage of these martyrs is preserved and kept alive for the present and future generations, the Division of Policy, Research and Registration Service has three key objectives.

These are; the integration of Veterans into the socio-economic mainstream of the country, the formulation of policies and legal frameworks; and, lastly, the preservation of the history of the liberation struggle. These objectives are attained through the programme Veterans Welfare Development.

The purpose of the Veterans Welfare Development programme is to coordinate the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of activities that are aimed at improving the welfare of veterans of the national liberation struggle.

Mr. Erago-Thaddeus Erago

Director: Policy, Heritage and Social Affairs

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Ms. Catherine Shatiwa

Deputy Director: Policy Analysis and Registration

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Ms. Penofina Lucia Eises

Deputy Director: Social Affairs

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Directorate: Planning and Development (DoPD)

Functions of the Directorate

The objectives of the Directorate of Planning and Development include, initiating, formulating, appraising, implementing, monitoring and evaluating viable and sustainable programmes and projects aimed at uplifting the living standard of veterans;


The Directorate coordinates and provides technical expertise to veterans on how to manage their projects; conducts feasibility studies on veteran’s programmes, projects or businesses and coordinates the preparation of Veterans Affairs’ development plans and projects.

Ms. Aino Shiyukifeni

Acting Deputy Executive Director

Director: Planning and Development

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Ms. Kauna Aihuki

Deputy Director: Regional Coordination

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Dr. Julia Nangombe

Deputy Director: Project Planning & Development

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General Service (GS)


The Division of General Services provides support necessary for functional units to deliver effective and quality services to veterans.

Mrs. Laimy Ashipala

Deputy Director: General Services

Financial Advisor

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